Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail is the greatest pride of the Nova Scotia mainland. It is the most beautiful drive in the world because of its scenic roadway and highway. This trail is located in the Inverness County and northern Victoria County of Cape Breton Island. Its route measures 298 kilometers of 185 miles in length as it complete a loop around the island’s northern tip. The loop passes through the scenic islands of Cape Breton Island.Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail was named after John Cabot, an explorer who landed in Atlantic Canada on 1497. Some historians agreed that this trail was part of the Newfoundland and not of Cape Breton Island. However, in 1932, construction of the initial route was completed, thus recognizing the trail as part of the Cape Breton Island.
The beach of Cabot Trail passes through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It is on the north section of the trail. The eastern and western sections of the beach follow a rugged coastline, thus providing spectacular ocean views. Meanwhile, the southwestern section of the beach passes through the Margaree River Valley prior passing the Lake of Bras d’Or.
Along the northernmost segment of the Cabot Trail is the Pleasant Bay. From this bay, tourists can view the residential and commercial establishments of Nova Scotia mainland. The trail only ranked as second highway in Nova Scotia that does not have a signed route designation. Along the highway route, the road signs have unique mountain logo. The magnificent highway of Cabot Trail is carved along the sides of the mountains that rise above the glittering waters of the St. Lawrence Gulf. The rugged coastline of the trail serves as pods of whales and ocean breeze for the bald eagles.
Since Cabot Trail is regarded as one of the most scenic destination areas in the world, people can participate in all kinds of musical events and festivals that take place in the trail regularly. Fabulous tastes of seafood can also be enjoyed from great restaurants as well.
Since lobster is a specialty in most restaurants in Cabot Trail, a new spring festival called “Lobsterpalooza” is celebrated every June. In this festival, the traditions of sea faring and lobster are celebrated. During summer months, live music is throughout the trail. Every September, the Hike the Highlands Festival is exciting and amazing. As the month of October approaches, a great line up of activities and events are at stake for the upcoming Celtic Colors Festival.
Two of the finest dining restaurants at Cabot Trail are the Baddeck Lobster Suppers and the Bell Buoy Restaurant. Apart from lobster specialties, both restaurants also serve traditional meals. Artisans at the trail are award winning and unique as well. Few of these include the Sea Shanty, Piper Pewter, Glass Artisans, and Leather Works.
Adventures in Cabot Trail are full of fun and excitement. For outdoor adventures, whale-watching opportunities are just around the trail. Outdoor activities like golfing, kayaking, cycling, canoeing, and hiking are truly enjoyable as well. For a more relaxing activity, go and enjoy the spectacular views and sceneries of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
A long day of adventures at Cabot Trail can be very tiring but many accommodations like resorts, five-star suites, motels, hotels, cottages, and cozy inns will give the comfortable place for restful sleep.

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