Cape Breton Island

The Island of Cape Breton lies along the Atlantic coast of North America. The word “Breton” is a French term, which means “Brittany”. This island is a part of the Nova Scotia province in Canada. Though the island is separated physically by the Strait of Canso from the peninsula of Nova Scotia, it is still connected to the Nova Scotia mainland through the Canso Causeway.

Cape Breton Island
Cape Breton Island is located at the east-northeast of the Nova Scotia mainland. Its landmass slopes go upward from north to south and culminate at the highlands of the Northern Cape. The center of the island is dominated by the Bras d’Or Lake, a saltwater estuary. Four of the 18 countries in Nova Scotia comprise the island. These countries are Victoria, Richmond, Inverness, and Cape Breton. The island consists of five reserves of the Mikmaq Nation, namely the Potlotek or Chapel Island, the Wekopaq or Waycobah, the Wagmatcook, the Membertou, and the Eskasoni. The largest reserve in terms of land area and population is the Eskasoni.
As a maritime province in Eastern Canada, Cape Breton Island has a distinct identity.

Today, the island is very famous because of its Celtic heritage. With this heritage, both locals and tourists can enjoy the charm, food, and music of the island. The island is also home to Cabot Trail, which is the most beautiful drive in the world.

Most of the tourists traveling to Cape Breton Island take the route of Halifax, which is the capital of Nova Scotia. From the Halifax International Airport, tourists can easily rent a car and drive three hours to the island. The easy driving access to the island is through the Causeway, which is a short bridge from the Nova Scotia mainland.

The months of July, August, and September are the best times to visit Cape Breton Island. Despite the spring and late fall seasons during these months, many tourists still travel to the island for vacation. October is also a popular month to visit the island because of the Celtic Colors Festival that takes place. This festival usually lasts for a week.

Weather in Cape Breton Island can be unpredictable so it is best to bring clothes that are suitable in different conditions when visiting the island. It can also change very quickly. In a day, tourists can able to experience four different seasons on the island.

Apart from the beautiful drive of Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island has a lot of things to offer tourists such as whale watching, nature tracking, and visiting the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Seafoods such as crabs and lobsters are also available anywhere. Tourists can choose their own seafood delicacies for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Other local favorites are the McLobster sandwich, which is served with real and cold lobster; oatcakes; seafood chowder; and, crab cakes. The high quality of entertainment is very surprising on the island even at the smallest venue. Golf, shopping, and other activities can give tourists the kind of vacation they are looking for.

Accommodations in Cape Breton are mostly found in Sydney, which is located outside of Halifax. In Sydney, hotel chains from mid-size to privately run are available for tourists. For elegant resorts such as the Keltic Lodge in Ingonish Beach, Cabot Trail is the best place to look.

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